Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dia Cincuenta y Ocho – Dancing Blogger Batman! It's another Post!

July 14, 2009

Having been here for nine weeks and having attended the dance classes for most of them, I am actually at the point where I can teach pretty much all the moves they’ve taught. Every week, there is a “Clase de Baile” that teaches the basic steps of Salsa, Merengue, y Cumbia. Every week the professora teaches the same moves (mas or menos). A veces, ella now enseña algo un poco differente y neuve pero la mayoria de la tiempo it is the same. Entonces, ahora you puedo enseñar the dances and much of the time I am able to help the other students when they are having trouble and the professora de baile no esta. I miss swing though. I need to/want to practice. :-/

Today Alex had to teach an English class so he couldn’t come to our class. Because he is my only other classmate this week, I got a private lesson! My professora y yo talked for a long time (actually, it was probably no more than normal, but it seemed longer because I had to respond and speak twice as much as usual). We talked about government and religion (ooh! I love those topics :-) ), and I learned that the favorite phrase of my tico father was actually a swear word roughly equivalent to the English “son of a...”. When I asked my teacher “What does this word mean?” she laughed, explained, and then we talked about the growth and prevalence of using curses and language. We covered a large number of new reflexive verbs and she gave me a ton of homework.

Because of all that homework, and because I need to work on my final essay, that is all I have for today :-) Hasta luego!

P.S. No, I really have no idea what the title of this blog means. It's kind of just a random string of thoughts and a take off of the old Adam West batman.

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