Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dia Cuarenta y siete – An Atrocity against Civilization

July 2, 2009

So, ladies and gentleman, have I told you about my affront to truth, beauty, and my attack on civilization?

I didn’t want to do it, in fact I waited five minutes after I knew it had to be done, just sitting there, contemplating the atrocity I was about to commit. In the end though, necessity triumphed over idealism and wishful thinking. But it needed to be done, so I did it: I put...

...duct tape...

...on... Mac :’(

Yes, the angelic beauty of the humming machinery is now scourged by the horrific blotch of stickiness. If you think Wesley had it bad contemplating destroying stained glass windows and artists like Inigo, just think the pain I went through taping my Mac up.

...but it had to be done. It was falling apart and without treatment, dust and dirt would have infiltrated my poor Mac’s innards, and that would have been an even truer tragedy.

I feel I need to do penance and read some pro-Mac articles on

(Yes, this was a random post. Yes/No/Maybe I am running out of ideas on what to write on. Yes, you should feel sorry for my poor Mac. Although I think only other Mac lovers will truly understand the emotional pain I am experiencing.) ;-)


  1. It had to be done. You must understand that it is just part of the separation process that will eventually occur. Consider it a badge of honor.

  2. NO! Nononononon! No! No! NO!!!!!!!
    use GAFF TAPE!!!

    ducttape will kill it
    BAD~! ductape !~

    Gaffers Tape is the way to go.
    (besides fruit snacks)